A brief summary of the projects and websites I am working on.. 

Special Projects | Marketing Contractor at DFINITY

This is by far the newest and most exciting project I am working on. The DFINITY foundation offers a new web technology, called the Internet Computer. The Internet Computer is a blockchain ecosystem, powerful enough to host Web3 dApps, DeFi, games, NFTs, social media, and metaverse projects.  
My goal is to take it from the perspective of a beginner blockchain enthusiast and explore what it has to offer for the world of digital marketing. 
Follow my dedicated INTERNET COMPUTER blog for more exciting blog posts and educational articles.

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This is a website I?m currently working on for my SEO internship. I am really thankful to the creator of SMART BITES, Hector Alvarez, who gave me a chance and took me under his wing, so I can further develop my SEO and digital marketing skills.  

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Miro?s Food

This is a website I have started building some time ago. It?s presenting a street food business, which happens to offer the best burgers and fries in Sofia.  

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Постижения и Сертификати 

Through the past months, I have been working hard on getting as much knowledge as possible. Thanks to all these amazing online learning platforms, I was able to achieve several certifications.

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