Welcome to Marthiez | ICP

Are you excited about the Internet Computer Blockchain as much as I am?

Marthiez | ICP is the name of my community initiative, where I showcase everything there is to know about the Internet Computer Protocol! 


My name is Martina, and you can find me on all social media as @DigiMarthie. 

I am a digital marketer, blogger, Web3 enthusiast, and #ICP explorer. 

I am also the graphic designer and [kind of] a project manager for the only news outlet built entirely on the blockchain, fastblocks.com

Through the Internet Computer, I met so many amazing people from the community and I was fascinated with the work and dedication they put out so that more people would get to know this amazing ecosystem.

I thought that all this amazing work should have a proper space on the internet, so that it doesn’t get lost on social media. And this is how #MarketingWeb3 was born. 

Thank you for being here!